31 Mar 2014

Liponja Maskouta - Moroccan Sponge Cake

Liponja Maskouta or Kika
Moroccan Sponge Cake

This is a huge Liponja Maskouta (Kika), one of those spongy, light and fluffy cake that you like to serve for special occasions.  This one is flavoured with a hint of cinnamon spice, honey, almond and Moroccan tea. Plain Maskouta cake is quite possibly my favourite cake of all the ones I've made and tasted, and I've already posted one or two recipes of this delicious cake in my blog, because it is tasty, soft, moist, and easy to make.  It's the kind of everyday cake I like to enjoy with Moroccan tea.

15 Feb 2014

لنشوبة أو شطون ديال الفران/Moroccan Style Roasted Anchovies / Anchois au four à la marocaine!

Moroccan Style Roasted Anchovies
Anchois au four à la marocaine
لنشوبة أو شطون ديال الفران

Some people have an intense dislike for anchovies and at just the mention of the name of these tiny little creatures, they will turn up their nose, and I don't blame them if the only anchovies they've ever tasted are those over-salty, fishy and dried-up fillets that seem mostly bones, thrown on top of each takeaway seafood pizzas.

9 Mar 2013

Shamiya (Shameeya)-Kikat Smida-Harchat Fran-Moroccan Semolina Cake / Chamia-Gâteau marocain à la semoule!

حلوة السّْميدة
حرشة الفران
Shamiya or Shameeya / Chamia
Dwaz Atay - دْوازْ أَتايْ

This traditional Moroccan Cake version doesn't include sugar syrup, instead, the cake is topped with a delicious date/almond glaze. This is one of the cakes that makes me feel Moroccan-Soussiya down to the tips of my toe nails! There are times when something very sweet and old fashioned, is exactly what you need for a winter dessert after a comforting meal, and for me, it has always been either Meskouta or Shamiya, served with some fresh whipped cream or even plain, bringing a smile of nostalgia as I recall my mother and grandmother making this exquisite, yet simple cake!  The use of semolina in this cake provides a unique perfect texture that will impress you, and you will not be able to hear yourself think or talk, let alone talk to anyone around you! It is so popular in Morocco that you can see several old or young vendors, nearly anywhere, carrying plastic or wood trays packed with freshly made Shamiya. There are a lot of different Shamiya recipes in Morocco, but this is my favourite and it is an absolute family recipe treasure that I would love to share with you today.

8 Mar 2013

How to make Date/Almond Glaze, the Southern Morocco (Swassa- Imazighen) version! / Comment préparer glaçage aux dattes et amandes (version marocains de Souss)!

الثّْمْرْ مْعْسّْلْ
 Date Glaze
Glaçage aux dattes

This cake/cookie glaze recipe is must make if you love almond and dates. It is a rich glaze used to top or fill any type of cake, brioche, bread ex. shameeya, maskouta, bashkito, 9rachel, or any pastry of your choice.  For stiffer glaze to top bachkito, use less water or juice and more date paste.

1 Mar 2013

Mshimisha or Richbond or Halwat Samira Bent Saïd or Moroccan Snow Balls / Mchimicha ou Richbond ou Boules de Neige à la Marocaine (Halwat Samira Bent Saïd)

Mshimisha (Mchimicha)
or Richbond
or Halwat Samira Bent Saïd
or Moroccan Snow Balls

كْوِيراتْ الثلْجْ
حلوة ريشبوند
حْلْوَة سميرة بْنْتْ سْعيدْ

It's one of those cookies that I vaguely recall as being pretty popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and I still see them on Moroccan tea-tables frequently.  They are too soft, extremely moist and much melt-in-your mouth, special to serve, yet easy on any one's baking budget. This is a simple and traditional cookies passed on from mother to daughter, they taste really great, and as far as I know, they have four names and maybe more:

1 Feb 2013

âwinat mchicha / Cat's Eye Ghriba / Ghriba Œil-de-Chat!

عْويناتْ مْشِيشَة
 âwinat mchicha (3winat Mchicha)
Cat's Eye Ghriba
Ghriba Œil-de-Chat!
Dwaz Atay 

These "3winat Mchicha", which literally means "Cat's Eye" are little Moroccan almond round cookies of deliciousness, with a little hole in the centre filled with jam of your choice. Personally, I like to use apricot jam so the cookies look more like a "cat's eye", but my children prefer more strawberry jam.  It doesn't matter which jam you use, any flavour works!

31 Jan 2013

سْبيعاتْ لَلاَّ / Sbi3at (Sbiâat) Lalla / Lady Fingers / Doigts de Madame

سْبيعاتْ لَلاَّ 
Sbi3at (Sbiâat) Lalla 
Lady Fingers

حلويات مغربية من بلد المملكة المغربية - Moroccan Lady Fingers, Doigts de Madame -Sbi3at Lalla
حلويات مغربية من بلد المملكة المغربية - Moroccan Lady Fingers, Doigts de Madame -Sbi3at Lalla

حلويات مغربية من بلد المملكة المغربية - Moroccan Lady Fingers, Doigts de Madame -Sbi3at Lalla
These crunchy, chewy and delicious Moroccan cookies are truly a sweet treat. They are not difficult to make, but it would be useful to follow a step-by-step recipe to perfect them.  Every time I make these, they never last more than 1/2 hour!  My sons call them "1/2 Hour Cookies"!

23 Jan 2013

الدّْويدة / Dwida or Moroccan Worm Cookies!


I do remember so vividly from my childhood these yummy cookies, whose name is derived from Moroccan Darija word "Dwida" [Pronounced as D W E E D A], meaning "small or little worm".  As Dwaz Atay, Dwida was really very popular in the 70's and 80's in Morocco, with slight differences in shaping them from one region to another; some formed them into a crescent or moon shape as Cornes de gazelle, others preferred to mould the batter into a snail or snake shape.  Everyone used to customize these lovely cookies shape, depending upon their mood or the occasion!

14 Dec 2012

كيسان سْلُّو باللُّوزْ وْ شْكْلاطْ/ Kissan Sellou Blouz o Choklat / Chocolate-Amlou Cups With Sellou Crust / Tartelettes au Chocolat et Amlou sur Croûte Sellou! Hello 2013 and Happy New Year

كيسان سْلُّو باللُّوزْ وْ شْكْلاطْ

This incredibly addicting dessert is super crispy outside and so soft inside, a perfect treat for the lovers of the classic chocolate and almond combination!  It has enough of a chocolatey flavour to make my boys, avid chocolate and sellou lovers, happy, and one is never enough when it comes to munching those sweet treats. Last time I made 24 of those, hoping to have some leftover, well the boys just ate them all in a day and I can't blame them, these look horrendously addictive and whenever I make them, I try to keep my hands away from them, so I'm happy they never last more than one day!!!
K. El Mary (Mamatkamal)

11 Dec 2012

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ /Moroccan Almond and Date Ghriba-Cookies / Ghriba aux Dattes et Amandes!

غريبة بْالثّْمْرْ وْ اللُّوزْ

Dates are one of the most popular dried fruit in Morocco, we eat them anytime, though mostly during Ramadan, but any occasion is a good excuse to buy them, serve and eat them with almost everything: harira, inside harsha, ghriba, kaab ghzal (corne de gazelle), in some sweet tagines, in yogurt, in fruit salad, sweet seffa ... the love for those lovely dates is that intense!

22 Nov 2012

كعك وجدي/كعك وجدة/Kaâk Wejdi (Oujda ou Wajda) / Moroccan Sunny-Shaped Cookies with Anise, Fennel and Sesame Seeds /Brioches d'Oujda ou Biscuits Marocain sous Forme de Soleil à Base de Graines de Fenouil, d'Anis et de Sésame!

كعك وجدة
كعك وجدي

This is really one unique, delicious, crunchy cookie, a classic recipe from Oujda town (also called Wajda), the largest city in the East of the Kingdom. The richness of Moroccan sweets and pastry lies in its unlimited and huge diversity.  Every city, every village makes their own version of cookies, but in vastly, surprisingly different ways.  If Corne de Gazelle are considered in Fes, Tetouan, and Marrakesh as the top speciality, this typical Kaâk Wejdi  is the staple Dwaz Atay (sweets) in the East side of the Kingdom. Every region has its proudest speciality!.

1 Nov 2012

Amlou Chocolate Frosting / Glaçage au Chocolat et Amlou!

This ganache can be used as a glaze for all kind of pastries, or as a filling for cakes, or as a tarte or tartelette filling, or much better it can be turned into truffles, scooping it out with an ice cream or melon baller, then roll it in cocoa powder or icing sugar.
K. El Mary (Mamatkamal)

26 Oct 2012

Vanilla Ghriba Bahla (Moroccan Vanilla Shortbread or Cookies) / Ghirba au vanille (Sablé Marocain à la vanille )

 One of my favourite ingredients in my kitchen is fresh vanilla beans, but unfortunately they are not cheap, they come second after saffron on the list of the most costly spices. For Eid Adha, I made these special ghribas which turned out great and even one of the most delicious ghriba I've ever made!  These  beauties were just out-of-this-world and absolutely delicious!

This time I will not be posting the recipe since it's the same one I used HERE, but for this Bahla, I didn't add any nuts or seeds, I used plain flour (about 1 kg), 2 fresh vanilla pods, oil, oudy (oudi), butter, sugar (half vanilla and half caster sugar), pinch of salt and gum arabic (Maska Horra).  I also sprinkled some sugar on top of the ghribas before putting them in the oven.

To read more about Moroccan Ghriba, here is the link to all the recipes and tips how to make perfect ghriba from this blog: Moroccan Ghriba or Bahla (Moroccan Shortbread).
K. El Mary (Mamatkamal)

4 Oct 2012

Bushkito ou Bachkitto B'Tmar / Moroccan Cookies with Date Filling/ Biscuits Marocains aux Dattes

بْشْكِيطُو بْالتّْمْرْ
Bushkito ou Bachkitto B'Tmar 

These sweet goodies, called in Morocco "Bushkito B'Tmar", have two layers of delicious and crunchy bushkitos, sandwiched with date filling and they are definitely type of cookies that get better the next day. My boys and me demolished them within one day, they're so more-ish!.

19 Sep 2012

طجين القُوقْ وْ الجَّلْباَنة/Green Tagine!Moroccan Stew with Beef, Artichoke and Peas/Tajine Vert! Tajine Marocain aux Petits Pois et Artichauts!

Serves 4 people / Pour 4 personnes
Preparation Time: 1 h  / Temps de préparation: 1 h 
Cook Time: 3 h / Temps de cuisson: 3 h 

طجين القُوقْ وْ الجَّلْباَنة

 Click the link below to learn more! / Cliquez sur le lien pour en savoir plus!

This is a Moroccan classic recipe of Artichoke and Peas Tajine with beef, all flavoured with saffron and ginger. Beef may be substituted for lamb or chicken. If you use chicken, omit paprika and tomatoes, then add some preserved lemons and green olives.  It is a very popular dish with the perfect combination of flavour and vegetables.

1 Sep 2012

Ghriba with Coconut and Semolina/Moroccan Coconut and Semolina Cookie/ Ghriba Marocaine à la Semoule et à la Noix de Coco

غريبة الكوكو وْ السّْميدة

These are the divinely simple Moroccan cookies, moist and chewy inside while still maintaining a fun crisp crust outside, they are called "Coconut-Semolina Ghriba".  This is one of my favourite treats as a child and I always loved making them with my mum right from childhood. I used to help her shaping the sticky dough into ghriba balls, and this is another story because this part was a very messy affair, but the best role I liked most was dusting them with icing sugar, I mean a lot of icing sugar. My mother always maintained that in our beloved country, Morocco, there are so many happy occasions to celebrate due to the multicultural population, thus each day in the year was a happy excuse to make those lovely ghribas, and as she used to say "No occasion is complete without Ghriba to sweeten our palette"!.

11 Aug 2012

Meskouta or Kika Yoghurt / Moroccan Yoghurt Cake / Meskouta au Yaourt / Gâteau Marocain au Yaourt!

مْسْكوتة بالرّيْبْ

After a very busy week with Eid Adha Celebration and wondering how to entertain my three lovely boys during the half term, I invited a good friend and her two wonderful boys round for Moroccan tea and decided to do a bit of stress-free Friday afternoon, by baking a Meskouta Yoghurt,  a well-known simple butterless cake, which I make quite often as it is really easy!  I have already posted a Meskouta Recipe a few months ago, and this one is similar, just adapted to yoghurt flavour.

17 Jul 2012

المْخَرْقَة-الشّباكيّة/ Chebakia or Chebakiya (Mkharqua-Mkharka-Mkhar9a)/The Classic Moroccan Flower Cookies / Chabakia ou Chebakiya ou Tresses (Roses) au miel!

Since I was young I've always been intrigued by these sesame/honey cookies, called in Morocco "Chebakia", not only for their beautiful flower shape but also because they are surprisingly delicious sweet treats and I love all the flavours in them!  Chebakia is one of the luxurious, tasteful, traditional and special occasion sweet, served without fail on Moroccan Ramadan table with Harira on Ftour (Iftar) meal.  However; in some regions in Morocco, chebakia is also served at wedding ceremonies and other special feasts.  Traditionally, few days before Ramadanthe whole family usually gets together to make large numbers of these cookies, which are customarily shaped like a rose, symbolizing "Respect and Love". 

8 Jul 2012

تقاوت/سْلّو/سْلِيلُو/سْفُوفْ/زمّيطة/Tquawt or T9awt (Flourless version of Sellou or Slilou)/Tquawt ou Sellou ou Sfouf (Version Sellou Sans Farine)!

 تقاوت- سْلِيلُو - سْلّو- سْفُوف - زمّيطة

This is Tquawt (T9awt) = تْقَاوْتْ [T 9 A W T - number 9 stands for the Arabic letter "", which is pronounced like "K", except that to make the sound of  "", the back of the tongue touches the uvula, instead of the soft palate]. Some call it Seloo or Sellou [S L O O] = سْلُّو / Sleeloo (Slilou) [S L E E L O O] = سْلِيلُو / Sfoof (Sfouf) [S F O O F] =سْفُوف /or Zmeeta (Zammita) [Z M E E T A] = زمّيطة. It is called in so many different names but they are all the same nut-based paste.  One unique Moroccan speciality is this T9awt or Seloo, an amazing almonds/sesame seeds energy paste, which is not only impressive to look at, it is a taste buds pleaser too!  Although the recipe seems complicated, it is actually very easy to make, if you have all the tools and ingredients required.

Most Seloo recipes contain basic nuts which are almonds and sesame seeds, blended with regional, traditional spices into a thick rich past. Though Seloo is one of several traditional dessert treats, served at Weddings, Newborn Ceremonies and other special occasions, it is particularly consumed in Ramadan during Ftour or Iftar (the evening meal that breaks the day-long fast), as it is very nutritious and gives instant energy. Actually, this has made Seloo synonymous with Ramadan. Traditionally, Seloo is considered as a natural dietary remedy, and is recommended for nursing mothers as it has been known to increase the milk supply. Moroccan nursing mothers consume this nutritious and fortifying paste for at least 30 days after childbirth, and it really helps to increase milk secretion.

25 Jun 2012

Stuffed Buttermilk and Argan Oil Harsha / Stuffed Harsha with Black Olives and Cheese/ Harcha au lait de beurre et l'huile d'argane, farcie aux Olives Noires et Fromage!

I already talked about harsha (harsha ) in my last post a few months ago, so I won’t blab again (Here is the Link for my last post about this bread).  I frequently turn to this stuffed harsha when there is no bread to serve with Harira or any type of soups for supper.  This is a classic harsha recipe that lends itself to endless possibility and variation.  I like to use cheese cream with coriander, but you can use any herbs or soft cheese that suit your preference, and you can use either fresh or buttermilk powder.  It really tastes great when warm, a perfect blend of soft and crunchy texture, and I think it is the buttermilk that makes this harsha deliciously moist, giving it loads of flavour. It was soft and crusty with a lovely mild flavour, compared to a nice sourdough-ish taste, segueing into hot metlted cheese and olives mixture, cooked to a perfect melding of flavors. I just have to exercise great self-control to stop at ONE harsha.  I'm submitting this post to Susan's Yeastspottinga blog devoted to yeast bread.  Please check it out!
K. El Mary (Mamatkamal)
Yields: 7 Medium-sized harsha / Environ pour 7 harcha de taille moyenne
Preparation Time: 0 h 15 minutes / Temps de préparation: 0 h 15 minutes
Time to let the dough rest: 0 h 30 minutes  / Repos : 0 h 30 minutes
Cook Time:  0 h 24 minutes per one (1) big or medium harsha but if you prepare Mini-harsha , you can cook 4 to 5 at the same time. / Temps de cuisson: 0 h 24 minutes pour cuire une seule harcha de taille moyenne ou une assez grande. Si vous préparez Mini-harcha , vous irez plus vite, et vous pouvez cuire plusieurs (4 à  5) en même temps.

18 Jun 2012

"Morocco Version" of French Beignets (Sweet Doughnuts or Donuts)/Version Marocaine du Beignets Sucrés!

It is raining sugar!
A few weeks ago, I had a hankering for French Beignets, pronounced as (BAI-NYEE), a sugary pastry, very popular in Morocco as well. Like North-American version doughnuts (donuts), beignets are a French puffy deep-fried pastry, circle-shaped, and without a hole, served hot, garnished with caster or icing sugar.  However, unlike North-American doughnuts, beignets tend to be very light and airy with a hollow centre cavity that is usually filled with jam, crème patissière, melted chocolate etc......

When the French and Spanish occupied Morocco, they introduced a wide variety of baked foods into the Kingdom. Khringo, beignets, dairy products, elegant cakes etc... these are only a few of the examples of French and Spanish influences on Moroccan food.  However; the most influential is the Frensh cuisine, and with its sophisticated cooking techniques, it has contributed significantly to elaborate Moroccan style of cooking.  There is no doubt that the French cuisine, along with the Moroccan ingredients, all together,  makes an excellent gastronomic marriage, though Moroccan culinary culture holds its roots firmly from its first inhabitants, who are Shlooh (Chleuh)/Imazighen, Moroccan Jews, and the Arabs who conquered Morocco in the seventh century.

8 Jun 2012

Black olives and Fresh Herbs Toghrift (Batboot)/Batbout aux herbes et olives noires!

Sure, I've already posted toghrift bread recipe, but here I switched things up a little bit by adding black olives, coriander/parsley and spices to the dough. Green olives would also be nice. The result is a very tasty, soft and spicy bread, the perfect accessory to any meal!

5 Jun 2012

عصير الرّْمّانْ /Pomegranate and Strawberry Smoothie, Moroccan Style! / Jus Panaché aux Grenades et Fraises, à la Marocaine!

 عصير الرّْمّانْ

In Coran or Quoran = القرآن, it is called the "Fruit of Paradise"!  In Moroccan Darija, we call it "Rman = R-MAN" = الرّْمّانْ, it is the Pomegranate Fruit!  I have wonderful childhood memories of eating and enjoying this fruit, and have loved eating these gorgeous ruby red seeds since I was a child, especially when served for desserts.  My mother would break open three or four pomegranates, fill up a bowl of those ruby-like seeds, add a segment of mandarin and some fresh orange juice, then sprinkle some icing sugar and ground cinnamon on top, then finally add the magic touch of orange blossom water. So delicious!

31 May 2012

إِباوْنْ- مْنْكوبْ/Mangoob/Moroccan Broad or Fava Bean Salad/Salade Marocaine aux Fèves Fraîches (Mangoub)!

مْنْكوبْ - إِباوْنْ 
We call them "Ibawn =إِباوْنْ " in Tachalhit or Imazighen, and "Fool" or "Ful = فُولْ ", in Moroccan Darija, elsewhere they are commonly known as fava beans, broad beans, horse beans or windsor beans etc.... When I was a kid, I tried to grow fava beans in a glass!  So I got a clear drinking glass, put some shredded newspaper to hold my beans inside, then put 4 or 5 fresh shelled fava beans in the center and poured a few cm of water. I was sure I could actually make fava beans sprout in my glass!  So there sat my glass, on our kitchen windowsill, and dutifully I watered or rather over-watered the beans every single day, waiting several weeks for a sprout to appear or for something or anything to emerge. Nothing, I gave up on my fava beans!

21 May 2012

طجينْ الكْفْتَة وْ الْبيظْ/KBM/Moroccan Kefta Tagine with Tomato and Eggs!/Tajine Kefta Marocain aux Oeufs et Tomates (Kefta bel bayd w maticha)!

طجينْ الكْفْتَة وْ الْبيظْ

Click the link below to learn more! / Cliquez sur le lien pour en savoir plus!

Today I'm sharing KBM, which is a Moroccan Kefta Tagine that I made a few weeks ago ("K" stands for Kefta, "B" for bayd, which means eggs, and "M" for Maticha, which means tomato).  I've received several e-mails from readers, requesting the recipe for this dish, and first I would like to apologize for the delay.  Kefta Tagine is a divine meal prepared with tomatoes, kefta and eggs, and the happy marriage of these three (3) ingredients has made this Tagine the national dish in Morocco, after of course Bastilla or Pastilla (Moroccan Pie), Couscous/Saksou, Safa/Seffa and Mrouzia/Mroaziya

What is Kefta or K'fta? Pronounced as (K-FTA) in Moroccan Dialect, it simply means minced or ground meat, of either beef or lamb (or a combination of the two), or chicken or turkey.  Kefta is typically mixed in a marinade of few ingredients; traditionally, it is olive oil, salt, ground cumin, red paprika, ground black pepper, minced onion, minced garlic and chopped coriander/parsley.  The mix and Kefta are kneaded thoroughly to distribute flavorings through the meat, then rolled into small meatballs.

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